Sunday, May 25, 2008

Malaysia's Motorist...

What can I say about Malaysia's motorist... Too many to comment on this. Well...overall what can I say is most of the motorist here have bad attitude of driving and even cycling...(too bad...). I have seen so many of them with variety of behaviour that make me feel really very angry even when I am driving.

Firstly, the motorcyclist... This is the worst one... The situation is even worse when its in 'kampung' area. I don't know who they think they are. They thought the road belongs to them I guess. They just ride their motorcycle in anyway they like on the road especially those that ride on the middle of the vehicles way. This is really very irritating and causes inconvenience to other vehicles especially if the road is wide enough and we in the bigger vehicle also afraid of knocking them down. For this situation, can't totally blame them as well because there are also roads that are too narrow and can be dangerous to everyone actually. So maybe the concerned party should consider about broaden up the road and of course not only with more lanes to vehicles but the lane for motorcyclist should be wide enough so that they won't sway in and out anytime they like which is very risky and someone life will lost.

Besides that, the motorcyclist should learn more on 'stop, look and go'...of course not only motorcylist,the car driver as well. Imagine that you are driving on the road in 80km/hr or more and suddenly a motorcycle or car come out in front of your vehicle from one junction (although there's a distance of about 10 meters) and yet they are so slow in speed compare to yours. So imagine what will happen, of course will knock into them if the road is narrow and there's vehicles as well on the other side. Be more considerate of other peoples' safety. What's the problem of stopping down or slowing down, take a look first before you go.

Another problem that makes me feel very angry is the 'signal'... What's the big deal of giving signal before making a turn or overtaking. I think there's no big deal, just give the signal and go, bring no harm to you. With the signal, other people will know that you want to make a turn or overtaking so they can slow down which do avoid accident from happening. If there's no signal given, you are driving on a constant speed and the vehicle in front of you brake suddenly to make a turn, won't that be too dangerous if you are not able to brake or slow down in time and at the same time you will be blame for knocking the vehicles in front of you. So always turn on signal if want to make a turn. By the way, there's also motorcyclist or drivers that forgot to turn off their signal. This situation also quite dangerous as it will confuse other people whether or not you want to turn.

Other than that, the other situation which irritates me a lot is when driving on two lanes road. Well, everyone knows that the left lane is for slow moving vehicles and the right lane is being used for overtaking but yet there are vehicles that are moving so slow but still stay on the right lane. This is one of the causes of slow moving traffic. We do know that driving in high speed can cause an accident to happen and I do want to say that driving too slow can also causes an accident. So I suggest that we have lanes with different speed for all the vehicles on several lanes road. Well, we can set the speed range differently on each of the lanes. For example, for slower moving vehicles they can drive on the left lane with the speed of 60km/hr or below and the other lane maybe we have faster moving vehicles with speed limit 110km/hr and below.

The other situation is at the traffic light. If the situation is when the light is going to be red and the vehicles speed off, I still can accept this. But there's been situation where the light is already in red for some time and yet there are vehicles that are so inconsiderate of others' safety and just speed off through their way. So if this happens, what's the use of traffic light...then we don't need traffic light anymore. Apart from all these situation, another situation that is dangerous either to oneself or other people is those that ride motorcycle or cycle bicycle side by side on the road.

Well...there's too much to comment but I think what I have written here are the most irritating situation which I had experienced and hopefully Malaysia citizen can change their attitude so that everyone is able to be in a safer environment and live peacefully...
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