Friday, January 25, 2013

Picnicking & Garden Walk

Date : 20 January 2013
Location : Five Dock Park & Auburn Botanic Garden

It was a busy week for me as I was involved with the Australian Youth Olympic Festival 2013 as a volunteer with Skybox team in cycling event (on duty from 17-19 January 2013).

On the 20th of January, being invited out by my friends indeed was a very great outing for me to relax and release after being away for duty the last few days.
They were really great friends of mine and very friendly who were also sort of like being my guiders down here when I need it.

We went to Five Dock Park, picnicking there and chatting and as usual photo shooting is a must...haha...
Also had a simple belated birthday celebration with my friend.
Late noon when we were done, headed off to Auburn Botanic Garden.
Never ever know about such a place and it's really a very nice garden with some great landscaping.
While we were exploring the garden, a group of ducks caught our attention where they blocked our pathway.
In the end, my friend managed to chase them out of the way and there they went into the pool nearby.
That's the story of the day which ended with a dinner at In The Mood For Thai, Parramatta...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 New Year Eve in Sydney

Date : 31 December 2012
Location : Blues Point Reserve, Sydney

First time joining the crowds preparing to usher the New Year with my friends here.
Reached at our location around 11am and the hotspot which we want to have for the best view has been taken up by other photo enthusiasts.
I guess they have been there early in the morning...
Got our tent pitched up and food all ready, picnic for the rest of the day overseeing Sydney Harbour.
It was really a very hot sunny day and packed with lots of people awaiting for the fireworks display later at night (once at 9pm and the final show at 12am).

A very nice view of sunset of the day and we managed to capture some magnificent views of it with boats/ships around which made the photos more lively (between 7:30pm to 8pm).
After taking shots of sunset, all geared up for set up and get ready to capture the fireworks display at 9pm.

Some of the shots at 9pm...
Then took a break and captured some shots of Sydney Harbour Bridge with Sydney Opera House at night time.
In standby mood again at around 11:30pm and tested a few times on the camera setting to make sure that everything works.
Midnight strucked and whole Sydney Harbour was lit up by fireworks for about 12 minutes.
Happy New Year 2013...!!!

Beaches Sightseeing Tour in Sydney

Date : 28 December 2012
Location : Maroubra Beach --> La Perouse Beach --> Blues Point Reserve --> Clontarf Beach 

A day out with great friends for beach sightseeing at Eastern Suburb of Sydney and also towards North Sydney area.
Started the day off with lunch at Pondok Buyung in Kensington before had our tour to the beaches for some shots.
It was a nice sunny day but a very strong wind weather which gave us a very cold breeze on shore.

At Maroubra Beach...
At La Perouse Beach...
Headed towards North Sydney, stopped by at Blues Point Reserve to check out the hotspots for New Year Eve celebration.
Ended the tour at Clontarf Beach which is of a more private area and had dinner together with my friends before they sent me back home.

Pre Christmas Party 2012

Date : 22 December 2012
Location : Darling Harbour, Sydney

A Pre Christmas Party celebration with a bunch of new friends in Sydney on board Sydney Showboats.
A group of 12 of us were at the party which started at 7pm and had our dinner on the boat.
The main highlights of the event were performances shown by the performers on board (which we were being prohibited from taking any photos or video recording).
The event ended at 10pm and we took a group photo before departed home.

Group photo before the event...
Snippets of the event...
After event group photo session...
Before we boarded the train back home, stopped by at Town Hall to capture the Sydney Town Hall Projections for Christmas.

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