Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh...What A Waste...

Firstly,went for the MEdSI(Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory) test on 7 April 2007 in UPSI(Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris). Have to answer 300 multiple choice questions in one and a half hours. Luckily those were all about our personality and also situation questions(education) but some a bit tricky. After that gotta wait for the interview based on the test(shortlisted).

On 19 April 2007 when I browsed through the Ministry of Higher Education web page, we can check for the interview status already. Quite anxious when key in my I/C number and then came the status. I was selected to go for interview and also physical test on 25 April 2007 for the sports science course.

Yesterday,went for the physical test and interview in UPSI(8.00am). I was a bit worried(physical test) because my old injury is still there but I hope everything will go on smoothly. Haiz...was unlucky that my injury strucked right at the first test that I need to go through from the five test. As such,my performance for the next 4 test was not so good. sad because let go such a good chance. This test will be one of the selection criteria to be admitted into the course.

Really a very big waste for me because the interview session in the evening(2.00pm) goes on very smoothly as the interviewers were also the friendly type. Even if I've done quite good in the interview session but then my performance in the physical test was not really up to the mark. there any chance for me to get the course... Well,gotta wait for another two months before we get to know our status of admission into local university.

Before I end,really need to thank my mom very much. She's willing to sacrifice her time to take me there for the test and also interview. Yesterday, we departed from Ayer Tawar at 5am. During the test and interview session, my mom waited for me there from morning until evening(about 3pm). Thank you,mom(you are the best).
Between, I've injured my knee again. So, now I walk like 'orang cacat'... Huhu...very painful lo...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tired But I'm Happy and Satisfied

Wow...for the past one week,I was so busy in school(SMK Methodist Ayer Tawar). Although I had left this school for 2 years but I feel like I'm still attached to MESAT. All right,here goes the story how I get involved in MESAT last week.

It all started when there's one day I went to school to have my copies of certificates certified by the principal. Then I met up with my KRS teacher advisor. I was being told that they'll be going for district level marching competition on the 11th of April 2007 and then the teacher ask me whether am I able to coach them or not. By that time,I haven't made a decision yet because I'm not sure whether I'll be going out to Singapore or not.

After a few days when I'm sure that I will not be going to Singapore already,I contacted the teacher and told her about my decision. So at last I started coaching them from 30 March 2007 until the day they have their competition. Oh first I was like a bit disappointed because of their discipline and attitude. Totally a different thing if compared with what I've gone through a few years back.

They were not serious enough and fool around too much because lack of discipline and also being pampered too much,I guess. For the first few days,the attendance was not very good and I was really very sad about that. During my time,the discipline are much more better than nowadays(more strict). So I have a talk with them and advised them not to just waste time training and bring back nothing(don't know whether they get what I mean).

Luckily they have their basic knowledge so it's not very diffilcult to coach them. I only need to correct them on what they are not up to the mark yet with the help of one 'pak cik' who we called Tok Ayah. Sometimes feel really very tired when they can't do what I've expected from them but I keep on encouraging them and sometimes even scolded them for their own good.
After training for one week plus,at last we are in SM Teknik Seri Manjung on 11 April 2007. They became nervous when they are told that they will be the first platoon to perform because it's been for a few years this happen. So I calmed them down and advised them to do their best and don't think of any other thing. So they go on and perform with some minor mistakes but overall it's okay.

During the announcement of the top three winner for the girls group,we waited so anxiously and feel like no hope already when they announced the third place winner(SMK Batu 10). Then the second place is SMK Methodist,I was like unaware that they've won the second place. Really very happy by that time because they have bring back the glory of KRS MESAT(from what I know for the last few years they didn't get into the top three position-overall).

Well,feel very happy and satisfied although kinda tired coaching them in morning and evening for 1 week. I don't really mind because I was doing something I'm interested in and all the hard works paid off as they've got back into the top three position. So hope that they can keep up the good work and try to do better in the future. All the best...KRS MESAT...

Monday, April 2, 2007

Very 'sueh'

Haiz...don't know what happen to me this few days. Things just didn't go smoothly I guess. Is there something bad going to happen or I'm in bad luck period...??? Maybe it's good if we can see our future...haha... What ever it is going to happen,only god knows. We just accept it.

Well,what I want to write here is why am I so 'sueh' in just a few days...huhu... On the 29th of March 2007,it was a rainy day and I have nothing to do. At first I was surfing the internet but as it rains heavily I have to off my computer. Then just walking around doing nothing and at last sat down and watch television. Just going to enjoy the movie,then my mom asked me to go out and buy fried chicken with my brother. My brother still sleeping there like a pig and didn't even bother me(pull him...even beat him....haha...) I felt so angry actually because he is still sleeping,so my mom went out with me instead. So reach the stall(Ayer Tawar famous fried chicken near the market there) and bought the fried chicken,got into the car. My mom said she wanted to eat 'chicken leg' also,so I went down again. Then the unlucky incident happen when I was to enter the car after buying the 'chicken leg'. When I opened the car door and ouch....!!! How can I be so unlucky being knocked by the door on my right eye,luckily not directly into the eye. Oh...quite painful actually but when reached home and rubbed with hot boiled egg did get better a bit.

Then today(1 April 2007-Aprilfool day),another incident happen. You all know what....the incident also happen in that area. But this time is in the market(nearby one of the stall selling clothes and some other stuff)...huhu... After buying some vegetables,my mom ask me and my brother to put the stuff into the car first. So we went to our car and put the stuff. Then cross the road to get back into the market and at this moment after crossing the road the incident happened. My brother was walking quite fast and actually I was trying to catch up because I was afraid that he can't find my mom later. Bang...!!! Quite loud and then only I realized that I've knocked onto the edge of a metal sign board(the one written AWAS.....i can't remember the rest). painful but I pretended nothing happen...haha...(jaga muka) Because I guess the guy taking care of the stall at there saw me knocking the sign board. By the time going home and pass through that place,I saw a cloth being tied at the edge of the board...hahaha.... unlucky. How can I knock the car door and then onto such a big sign board. blur. Now when I look into the mirror,I can see that there's a line on my forehead(on right side also)...hahaha... Well,the moral is becareful in the future no matter where I go. Hahaha...quite funny incident although very 'sueh'...
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