Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dead Blog???

Seems like a dead blog yea since I have not updated my blog for almost half year I think...hmmm...

Haha...seems like dead as how I am living now is it...???

I am not active anymore...
Just working & working in the office for 5 working days...
Driving from house to workplace then from workplace back to house...
No more outdoor...
No more adventure...
No more challenge...
Exercise less due to laziness...
Television becomes companion but at last it's not me who watch the television & it's the television that watch me over...

How bored is it??? comment & well, still waiting for application & posting...

By the way, gotta update all those past posts which I have left out for such a long long time...hehe...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Selangor Shines Extreme Challenge

Date : 10 October 2010
Location : Shah Alam, Selangor

Ahaksss...have not participated in any of the adventure challenge before.
This was the first time joining and have wanted to gain experience of it actually.

Well, without proper training and joining for fun to gain experience and in the end gotta walked like "king kong" the next few days after the challenge...haha...

The route was kinda far from one check point to another with some challenging task to be accomplished at each and every check points which kicked off at Dataran Shah Alam.
--> Running around Taman Tasik Permai: 3 rounds
--> Orienteering: 10 control markers
--> Swimming at Pusat Akuatik
--> Wall Climbing at Shah Alam Extreme Park
--> Water Craft at Taman Rekreasi Raja Lumu

Real damn tiring going around Shah Alam in foot...!!!
Dataran Shah Alam --> Taman Rekreasi Permai --> Bukit Suk Shah Alam --> Concorde Hotel -->Seksyen 9 --> Pusat Akuatik --> Stadium Malawati --> Stadium Shah Alam --> Shah Alam Extreme Park --> Seksyen 11 & 12 --> Taman Rekreasi Raja Lumu --> Wisma MBSA --> Quality Hotel --> Taman Rekreasi Permai

But then, together with my partner...we can't make it in 4 hours time so only managed to finish up till Check Point 3: wall climbing at Shah Alam Extreme Park...
Anyway, it's one of the memorable moments with uni friends participating in such event.

Kem Pemantapan Fasilitator Muda UPSI Siri 3

Date : 24-26 September 2010
Location : Sungai Chiling, Selangor

One of the places which I have ever wanted to go and explore.
This chance came when a friend of mine was handling a Facilitator Camp at this place and invited me to join in.
At the same time, to help her out with the outdoor camp setting and assist the participants during outdoor activities.

This place is only open during weekends and as such the group got the permission to enter the camp site on Friday evening for the camp setup.

On the first day (24 September 2010), the participants were divided into a few groups for the camp setup of which they need to setup the tents, setup the cooking area, setup the electricity source using generator and etc.

On the second day (25 September 2010), they had all the talk sessions by the counselor in charge and also having group activities.

Where else on the final day (26 September 2010), we all went to the fall of Sungai Chiling which is only accessible by crossing the river for 6 times.
1st river crossing

2nd river crossing

3rd river crossing

4th river crossing

5th river crossing

6th river crossing

The fall...

Random shots...

(p/ to be uploaded later)

IPBA Caving & Rapid Tubing Activities @ Kenaboi

Date : 18 September 2010
Location : Kem Kenaboi, Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan

One of the events with Kenaboi Adventure Team before the end of my semester in UPSI and also preparing for the final exam.

It was an event of a one day trip program by the students from Institut Perguruan Bahasa Antarabangsa (IPBA), Kuala Lumpur.

The events went on were caving and tubing with assistance from the whole Kenaboi Adventure Team (KAT) as usual.

IPBA arriving at Kg. Chennah

Short briefing by the manager a.k.a. Nua Kenaboi

River crossing

Jungle trekking towards the cave

At the cave's entrance

Entering the cave

In the cave

Random shots on the way back to pick up point

Briefing for tubing session

Water confidence session

Tubing session

End of the trip

Random shots at the campsite
(p/ to be uploaded later)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Backdated Posts...'s already 2011 and there were a few posts that I have left out for the 2010 activities...
I was too busy and have no time to update all the posts...huhu...
So, for the coming few posts...all will be of the activities done in last year...

Some of the activities were:
--> IPBA Caving & Rapid Tubing Activities @ Kenaboi (18 September 2010)
--> Kem Pemantapan Fasilitator Muda UPSI Siri 3 @ Sungai Chiling (24-26 September 2010)
--> Selangor Shines Extreme Challenge @ Shah Alam (10 October 2010)
--> Malam Anugerah Kecemerlangan FSSKJ @ UPSI (27 October 2010)
--> Malam Pra Graduasi Batch Erudite @ Regency Hotel, KL (29 October 2010)
--> Kem Eksplorasi Alam UPSI @ Kenaboi (6-7 November 2010)
--> Kenaboi International River Challenge (12-14 November 2010)
--> Hulu Langat Adventure Race (20-21 November 2010)
--> YTAR English Camp @ Felda Residence Trolak (17-19 December 2010)
--> Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat Teambuilding Camp @ Kenaboi (22-24 December 2010)

Well, gotta wait till I have the time to update all these posts then...hehe...
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