Friday, March 16, 2007

That's It

Well...finally taken the STPM result already. No more worries about what is my result liao... I consider my result is not a very good one,only got 2.50(CGPA). But that's it...have to accept lo...who ask me not to study efficiently before the exam. Always do last minute revision and work.

Really totally a very different thing in form 6. Can't do last minute study like what I did in form 3,form 4 and form 5. In form 6 with this type of attitude will only 'kill' ourself unless you are a very clever and consistent student then won't be a big problem.

So at the moment just apply to the local university and wait for the outcome which we'll only know by the end of June. Such a long time to wait and another worry(can get in or not) to face with...haiz... With such a result,I think it's quite diffilcult to get a good course. If can't get then the last resort is to apply for a place in private college or university lo...

What can I say,this is the norm in our country. Even some of the students with good result in their STPM,they also can't secure a place in local university with the choices of course that they have wanted but was offered with other course instead. How our country can improve and develop new talent if we can't even place our student in our own university with the courses they want ...??? This would have cause a lot of our student to further their study overseas and even work there. Then we'll be short of talented and skilled citizen.

Huh...what I'm blogging here without realizing that I'm touching some other issues liao... Hahaha...who cares...all this just come out automatically when my fingers are on the keyboard.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Result Out On 15 March 2007

Finally the day has come after waiting for such a long time. The last few months have been wandering when...when...when...will they announce the date of STPM result to be released. Just can't stop thinking about that and just hope to get over with this thing as soon as possible...and yes...finally all this will be over by this Thursday.

When there's already an official announcement(7 March 2007) about the date of SPM result to be released(12 March 2007),I kept on searching if there is any announcement for the STPM result. By that time there's no news about STPM for me,actually do feel a bit disappointed because it's just about a few days left before the SPM result is out. Usually(past years) already get to know the dates 1 week or a few weeks before the result is out.

Then on the 10th of March 2007,finally there's an official announcement in the newspaper about the release of STPM result. Was very happy that morning when I read the newspaper because no need to think about this anymore and now the only thing to worry about is the result that I will get on this Thursday.

What ever the outcome of the result is,I won't regret it because I already know what type of result I will get based on how I had studied in the past one and a half years. Just accept it with an open heart and there's no more space to regret about it. What's more important after this is to think properly for '1001 nights' on the next plan(what to study,where to study,etc...)

Well,this Thursday just go to school and take the result with an open mind then go home and plan the next destination. At the same time I would like to wish all my friends in ACS good luck and all the best in what ever you all want to do in the future. Not only friends from ACS but also those from other places that are taking STPM 2006... Good luck friends...
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