Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Appointment After Surgery

Yesterday(28 May 2007)was the first appointment after the surgery on 15 May 2007. Already went out earlier to Kuala Lumpur on 25 May 2007 and stay over at a friend's condominium in Ampang.

Still need to use crutches and put on the brace support because still not fully recover yet. Yesterday took out all the stitches and it's a bit pain(wound). One shocking incident that happened yesterday was when the nurse asked me why I put on my brace support in the other way. Then I was like a bit shocked of that because I was told by the physiotheraphist to put it in that way. That nurse also felt so angry because the physiotheraphist so 'teruk',taught and fixed the brace support for me in the wrong way(I've been wearing the brace support for two weeks in the wrong way)... Hahaha...

After that,the doctor asked me to lift up my leg while I sat on the bed. No matter how hard I tried but I just can't lift up my leg...huhu... I tried and tried but the leg can't be lifted up. So bad... Then the doctor told me that I must exercise my leg everyday so that the muscle won't be dead.
So,this two weeks I must exercise my leg more frequently so that I can lift up my leg,go for the next appointment with a more prepared condition and recover as soon as possible. That's all for this post and I'll put up the photo of my leg with the brace support in the correct way...haha...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Knee Surgery...

Back home for three days(Friday arrived home) already but today only online because kinda tired and a bit pain also. This post is related to the previous one where I mentioned,I injured my knee during the physical test.

After one week from the incident,there's still pain on my knee. So,went to Ipoh to find my uncle and check up what's wrong(4 May 2007). Taken the x-ray but there's nothing wrong with my bone. Then,was recommended to go for magnetic resonance imaging(MRI) the following day. From the report,there's tear in my anterior cruciate ligament and also tear in my meniscus. We are told that it's better to go for surgery because it's not good for long term time.

As such,went to Kuala Lumpur on 14 May 2007 to see the doctor who is specialize in this type of surgery but then we gotta find another one after seeing him because he is not a panel doctor under my insurance medical plan(everything need to be paid first by cash/credit card/bank draft then claim back). Then,found another one which is a panel doctor so I was admitted that night after we got the guarantee letter from the insurance company.

The next day(15 May 2007),need to fast for about six hours before the surgery at 11:30am. Then it was time to go for surgery,the nurses brought me to the operation theatre. At there,I was given anaesthetic before surgery. Luckily I was given the regional anaesthetic,which means I was semi-conscious(only loss sensation of the lower part of my body). If I'm not mistaken the surgery started at about 12pm. My whole leg is numbed and can't feel anything when the doctor operate my knee. I wanted to have a look on what they are doing but don't have the chance because they put up a cloth(block my view). What I know roughly is that the doctor will take some of the patella tissue to be connected to my broken anterior cruciate ligament and repair the meniscus.

During the surgery,there's a certain time when I suddenly felt nausea and I told the nurse by my side. She took a container and I vomitted. After that,I don't know what injection they gave me and I felt better. The surgery was quite long and I was so tired and took a nap...haha... Sometimes I opened my eyes look around and closed my eyes for a while because don't know what to do...hehe...

Then about 2:45pm or 3pm like that,the surgery is done and I vomitted again...haiz... So,they put me outside the operation theatre for some time(to stabilize) before brought me back to my room. That day I kept on vomitting and as such I didn't consume any food(the doctor and nurses said it's a normal condition as I have gastric and it's a reaction of the injection during surgery with my body). So,I only sleep for that whole day until the next day.

On Wednesday(16 May 2007),felt better and consume some food already. That day nothing much to do,only watch television,eat and sleep(so boring). Then the next day,the nurses came in and changed the bandage on my knee,clean the wounds as well and took out the tube which is inside my knee(outflow of the blood). I saw there are a few stitches on my knee. Then,before lunch I was brought to the physiotheraphy room to undergo physiotheraphy.

17 May 2007,getting better but of course still got pain on the knee. We asked permission from doctor to discharge and the doctor said it's okay to go out already. So,after settled everything we went home to Ayer Tawar by that evening. Luckily that day,not many vehicles so it took only about three hours to reach home(if not,sure I can't bear the pain as it's not so comfortable)...

Before I end,really gotta thanks my parents. They are willing to sacrifice their time to take care of me,especially my mother who accompany me from day one until the last day. As for my father,he is willing to take us out to Kuala Lumpur on 13 May 2007 in the evening and took bus home by himself that night while my mother and I stay in Kuala Lumpur. Also not forgetting my old friend and her family who help us during our stay in Kuala Lumpur. Thank you...

Well...I gotta rest liao...can't 'tahan' sit on the chair for too long especially the right leg which need to be put up on another chair(so worn-out). At the end of this post,I'll put on a photo of my leg with bandage and brace support. I gotta walk using crutches also because can't pressure this right knee too much(take some time to rebuild)...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Oh...What A Waste...

Firstly,went for the MEdSI(Malaysian Educators Selection Inventory) test on 7 April 2007 in UPSI(Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris). Have to answer 300 multiple choice questions in one and a half hours. Luckily those were all about our personality and also situation questions(education) but some a bit tricky. After that gotta wait for the interview based on the test(shortlisted).

On 19 April 2007 when I browsed through the Ministry of Higher Education web page, we can check for the interview status already. Quite anxious when key in my I/C number and then came the status. I was selected to go for interview and also physical test on 25 April 2007 for the sports science course.

Yesterday,went for the physical test and interview in UPSI(8.00am). I was a bit worried(physical test) because my old injury is still there but I hope everything will go on smoothly. Haiz...was unlucky that my injury strucked right at the first test that I need to go through from the five test. As such,my performance for the next 4 test was not so good. sad because let go such a good chance. This test will be one of the selection criteria to be admitted into the course.

Really a very big waste for me because the interview session in the evening(2.00pm) goes on very smoothly as the interviewers were also the friendly type. Even if I've done quite good in the interview session but then my performance in the physical test was not really up to the mark. there any chance for me to get the course... Well,gotta wait for another two months before we get to know our status of admission into local university.

Before I end,really need to thank my mom very much. She's willing to sacrifice her time to take me there for the test and also interview. Yesterday, we departed from Ayer Tawar at 5am. During the test and interview session, my mom waited for me there from morning until evening(about 3pm). Thank you,mom(you are the best).
Between, I've injured my knee again. So, now I walk like 'orang cacat'... Huhu...very painful lo...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Tired But I'm Happy and Satisfied

Wow...for the past one week,I was so busy in school(SMK Methodist Ayer Tawar). Although I had left this school for 2 years but I feel like I'm still attached to MESAT. All right,here goes the story how I get involved in MESAT last week.

It all started when there's one day I went to school to have my copies of certificates certified by the principal. Then I met up with my KRS teacher advisor. I was being told that they'll be going for district level marching competition on the 11th of April 2007 and then the teacher ask me whether am I able to coach them or not. By that time,I haven't made a decision yet because I'm not sure whether I'll be going out to Singapore or not.

After a few days when I'm sure that I will not be going to Singapore already,I contacted the teacher and told her about my decision. So at last I started coaching them from 30 March 2007 until the day they have their competition. Oh first I was like a bit disappointed because of their discipline and attitude. Totally a different thing if compared with what I've gone through a few years back.

They were not serious enough and fool around too much because lack of discipline and also being pampered too much,I guess. For the first few days,the attendance was not very good and I was really very sad about that. During my time,the discipline are much more better than nowadays(more strict). So I have a talk with them and advised them not to just waste time training and bring back nothing(don't know whether they get what I mean).

Luckily they have their basic knowledge so it's not very diffilcult to coach them. I only need to correct them on what they are not up to the mark yet with the help of one 'pak cik' who we called Tok Ayah. Sometimes feel really very tired when they can't do what I've expected from them but I keep on encouraging them and sometimes even scolded them for their own good.
After training for one week plus,at last we are in SM Teknik Seri Manjung on 11 April 2007. They became nervous when they are told that they will be the first platoon to perform because it's been for a few years this happen. So I calmed them down and advised them to do their best and don't think of any other thing. So they go on and perform with some minor mistakes but overall it's okay.

During the announcement of the top three winner for the girls group,we waited so anxiously and feel like no hope already when they announced the third place winner(SMK Batu 10). Then the second place is SMK Methodist,I was like unaware that they've won the second place. Really very happy by that time because they have bring back the glory of KRS MESAT(from what I know for the last few years they didn't get into the top three position-overall).

Well,feel very happy and satisfied although kinda tired coaching them in morning and evening for 1 week. I don't really mind because I was doing something I'm interested in and all the hard works paid off as they've got back into the top three position. So hope that they can keep up the good work and try to do better in the future. All the best...KRS MESAT...

Monday, April 2, 2007

Very 'sueh'

Haiz...don't know what happen to me this few days. Things just didn't go smoothly I guess. Is there something bad going to happen or I'm in bad luck period...??? Maybe it's good if we can see our future...haha... What ever it is going to happen,only god knows. We just accept it.

Well,what I want to write here is why am I so 'sueh' in just a few days...huhu... On the 29th of March 2007,it was a rainy day and I have nothing to do. At first I was surfing the internet but as it rains heavily I have to off my computer. Then just walking around doing nothing and at last sat down and watch television. Just going to enjoy the movie,then my mom asked me to go out and buy fried chicken with my brother. My brother still sleeping there like a pig and didn't even bother me(pull him...even beat him....haha...) I felt so angry actually because he is still sleeping,so my mom went out with me instead. So reach the stall(Ayer Tawar famous fried chicken near the market there) and bought the fried chicken,got into the car. My mom said she wanted to eat 'chicken leg' also,so I went down again. Then the unlucky incident happen when I was to enter the car after buying the 'chicken leg'. When I opened the car door and ouch....!!! How can I be so unlucky being knocked by the door on my right eye,luckily not directly into the eye. Oh...quite painful actually but when reached home and rubbed with hot boiled egg did get better a bit.

Then today(1 April 2007-Aprilfool day),another incident happen. You all know what....the incident also happen in that area. But this time is in the market(nearby one of the stall selling clothes and some other stuff)...huhu... After buying some vegetables,my mom ask me and my brother to put the stuff into the car first. So we went to our car and put the stuff. Then cross the road to get back into the market and at this moment after crossing the road the incident happened. My brother was walking quite fast and actually I was trying to catch up because I was afraid that he can't find my mom later. Bang...!!! Quite loud and then only I realized that I've knocked onto the edge of a metal sign board(the one written AWAS.....i can't remember the rest). painful but I pretended nothing happen...haha...(jaga muka) Because I guess the guy taking care of the stall at there saw me knocking the sign board. By the time going home and pass through that place,I saw a cloth being tied at the edge of the board...hahaha.... unlucky. How can I knock the car door and then onto such a big sign board. blur. Now when I look into the mirror,I can see that there's a line on my forehead(on right side also)...hahaha... Well,the moral is becareful in the future no matter where I go. Hahaha...quite funny incident although very 'sueh'...

Friday, March 16, 2007

That's It

Well...finally taken the STPM result already. No more worries about what is my result liao... I consider my result is not a very good one,only got 2.50(CGPA). But that's it...have to accept lo...who ask me not to study efficiently before the exam. Always do last minute revision and work.

Really totally a very different thing in form 6. Can't do last minute study like what I did in form 3,form 4 and form 5. In form 6 with this type of attitude will only 'kill' ourself unless you are a very clever and consistent student then won't be a big problem.

So at the moment just apply to the local university and wait for the outcome which we'll only know by the end of June. Such a long time to wait and another worry(can get in or not) to face with...haiz... With such a result,I think it's quite diffilcult to get a good course. If can't get then the last resort is to apply for a place in private college or university lo...

What can I say,this is the norm in our country. Even some of the students with good result in their STPM,they also can't secure a place in local university with the choices of course that they have wanted but was offered with other course instead. How our country can improve and develop new talent if we can't even place our student in our own university with the courses they want ...??? This would have cause a lot of our student to further their study overseas and even work there. Then we'll be short of talented and skilled citizen.

Huh...what I'm blogging here without realizing that I'm touching some other issues liao... Hahaha...who cares...all this just come out automatically when my fingers are on the keyboard.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Result Out On 15 March 2007

Finally the day has come after waiting for such a long time. The last few months have been wandering when...when...when...will they announce the date of STPM result to be released. Just can't stop thinking about that and just hope to get over with this thing as soon as possible...and yes...finally all this will be over by this Thursday.

When there's already an official announcement(7 March 2007) about the date of SPM result to be released(12 March 2007),I kept on searching if there is any announcement for the STPM result. By that time there's no news about STPM for me,actually do feel a bit disappointed because it's just about a few days left before the SPM result is out. Usually(past years) already get to know the dates 1 week or a few weeks before the result is out.

Then on the 10th of March 2007,finally there's an official announcement in the newspaper about the release of STPM result. Was very happy that morning when I read the newspaper because no need to think about this anymore and now the only thing to worry about is the result that I will get on this Thursday.

What ever the outcome of the result is,I won't regret it because I already know what type of result I will get based on how I had studied in the past one and a half years. Just accept it with an open heart and there's no more space to regret about it. What's more important after this is to think properly for '1001 nights' on the next plan(what to study,where to study,etc...)

Well,this Thursday just go to school and take the result with an open mind then go home and plan the next destination. At the same time I would like to wish all my friends in ACS good luck and all the best in what ever you all want to do in the future. Not only friends from ACS but also those from other places that are taking STPM 2006... Good luck friends...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Chinese New Year Celebration

Wau...1 month++ i didn't update my blog liao... Look like I'm kinda busy person (especially this month). Well...before Chinese New Year really very5 busy lo... Painting the house, decorating the house and also make cookies leh... So, the year of dog finish already and this year is the boar year. Hopefully everything is fine this year(

During Chinese New Year nothing much happen. Only very busy going out and can be said that the first few days I'm not at home from noon until night because went to friends' house and also a few teachers' house with a group of friends. I think this is good also as now we still have this opportunity to go around and visit each other. Should not miss this opportunity as in the future when we are in the working world liao...sure we don't have much time to spend with friends already. Furthermore if having a family liao...even less time liao lo... Haha...

Most of my friends going back to their college and university liao... This few days start to feel boring already because doing nothing but need to find out information liao for my future study as the STPM results is coming out soon. Haiz...everytime this is the problem which I need to worry about. the moment I'm blank, don't know what to write about. So will update my blog again whenever I have something on my mind.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Why Should This Happen To Her???

Why...? Why...? Why...? This should not happen to her(should not...!!!). Life is unpredictable(even animals). I really can't believe that this had happened,I really can't take it. Now she is not with me anymore,she had left me. Whose fault is this? Is it me...the food she consumed...the injections given by the doctor...??? I don't know...all this happen too sudden,I don't even know what is the actual causes of her death. I feel so useless because can't save her.

Yesterday wanted to visit her, so went there with my mom. All the way to the shop, I keep on thinking will she be better or other wise but I think the positive way because I want her to be alive. Then reached the shop, from the face of the auntie there, I can feel that there is something wrong. Correct...really a bad news for me as the uncle told me that she didn't make it. I couldn't hold my tears and I cried on the spot. So took her body home to be buried and all the way home I couldn't stop crying.

I regret that I didn't visit her on Sunday because she died on that night. Why didn't I visit her, didn't even look at her for the last time before she pass away. I feel so down when I think back again. I should have visit her on that day... The day before(Saturday), I did visit her and from her condition I could feel that she is very2 sick. As I looked into her eyes, they were very red and watery(crying...does that bring any meaning) and I almost cried. After that went home and hope that she'll gets better(but now she's not here already).

The uncle even said that if we didn't bring her to the vet then her probability to stay alive could be higher because he said suppose this type of condition should not be given injections(somemore she was given 3 injections,too much). But what can we's all too late already. I don't know who to be blame...?

She's a part of my life but now she had left me so a part of my life is empty already. Before this, a part of me is filled up by her. Everyday she's with me no matter where I go. I really miss her very much especially the moments where she waits for me at the door when I'm back from somewhere, waits outside my room every morning, sleeps beside me, follows me all over the house, plays with me, goes out with me in my car, running around and many more which I can't finish mentioning here.

I can't do anything because she's dead and I must go on with my life. I do hope that maybe someday I can find another dog like her(if possible but maybe not 100% the same personality). Hope that she can rest in peace...

Saturday, January 6, 2007

Will She Survive...???

Will she survive...??? This is the question on my mind these few days. I'm really afraid that she will leave me, I can't afford to lose her. She is so close to me and among all my family members I am the one that is closest to her.

She is very cheerful, playful, energetic, cute, and...lots more. Remember the first day she came into our house, she can adapt so well and I like fell in love for her. I think this is quite true because she is a part of my life other than my family members.

Then last week, I also don't know what had happen and why it happen... She is not feeling very well. She doesn't has the apetite, diarrhoea, vomit, no energy and so moody. I don't understand why this can happen. On the 30th December 2006, we brought her to clinic and she was given 3 injections. So pity her(she's in pain)...but what to do,have to. The doctor said she's having a very high fever. Then took her back with some medicine.

We thought that she will be better after this but the situation din get better until yesterday she didn't eat anything. Before this still least got eat a little bit. So we brought her to the pet shop where she's from and the uncle said there might be worms attacking her inside(she was given tablet to get rid the worms). Then bring her home with some tablets.

She did gets better a bit and I was so happy. However this doesn't last long because today she vomit out the tablet that I fed her and doesn't want to eat also. She keeps on lying down on the floor(at this moment I'm so worry that she will just go away and leave me).

After taking my lunch, quickly take her to the pet shop again. I'm really afraid that I will lose her, so I leave her there to be taken care by that uncle(she will be given medication). I was told that she still have the chance to recover and I'm a bit relieve. So by the time I'm going out of the shop, she wants to follow me home(oh god, feeling very sad coz have to leave her there).

Don't know what will happen next(only God knows)...but I really hope that she can recover because I really love her very much. I can't imagine how's my world if she's not here anymore. must be strong and recover, I miss you very much. ( lovely doggie)

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Year 2007...A Brand New Year...

Hmm...look like another year had past. Now is a new year, a new beginning, another new world, new..., new..., new..., dono wat else is new. No matter what it is...have to go on with the life no matter how bad it is. Time really flies by very fast, without realising it this year I am 20 years old oredy.

So what is my next destination...??? I oso don't know coz I'm so confuse, now I'm on the pathway with no proper direction and goal. There are too many things on my mind and just feel like want to take all...but tat's impossible coz life is short and so we must enjoy our life to the fullest with what we are best and interested in...

That's one of my problem, but there's another problem to be worried before thinking of my future studies (STPM result). I really don't know how I want to apply in local University coz I have done really very2 badly in my STPM. So now juz wait for the result to be out then only i'll decide...haiz... Life is not easy... boring lar...doing nothing(jobless at d moment). Everyday only watching movies, eating, sleeping, surfing internet and doing nothing. Wanna find job, earn sum $$$...coz such a long time to wait for the STPM and admittance into local U result to be out. So might be going out to Singapore find work lo...

Haiz...really 'fan' lar... So now don't want to think of anything. Just wait for the time to go out Singapore then come back, get STPM result, wait for admittance into local U(if can get) then the rest at that time only think of it liao la... Now want to enjoy 1st...hooray...

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

My School Life (Part IV)

Oh's a new year (2007) oredy...but i've not finish my blog on my school life. Haiz...actually wanted to finish up last week but the stupid,slow connection make me really very sick of it and...lazy to blog. So today 1 2 finish up the very last part of school life story which is in SMK Methodist (ACS) Sitiawan. So will b quite a long...long...story...
The 1st day step into the school feel like a bit different from usual coz it's a new environment for me but sooner or later of coz get better and know more friends lor... In lower 6 nothing much lar...get to know more people,study and involve in sum activities.

Then in upper 6 (2006), more things to be done oredy. First few months very5 buzy with lots of activities in school. Firstly, stuff wif school sports day...tis is really a very enjoyable moment, seeing all those people in high spirit no matter doing what (management, house decoration, marching, cheerleading, athletics events and much2 more). I oso won't forget this sports day because my house (Tai Swee Kee) win in the very last minute and become the champion for another year+winner of house decoration. Would like to thank everyone tat hav taken part and co-operate wif me, so hope tat in 2007 u people still can retain the title. All the best to Tai Swee Kee-ian...

After sports, busy wif 6th form society activities which is being held in such a tight schedule. Lots of activities to be done in only 2 months time(April & May)...Pengajian Am quiz, badminton, basketball, volleyball, chess competition, lower six orientation, blood donation campaign, food n drinks sales during ACS carnival and oso teachers' day(games & performances). Luckily can get thru all these wif the help from sum of the members. Because of the support given by teachers n oso members, we manage to get all the activities done in time. Thank you...

Tat's bout 6th form society, then 1 2 talk bout ACS carnival...which i won't forget after leaving the schl. Tis type of carnival is kinda fun n unforgetable 1, i guess. Wat i 1 2 write here is bout my involvement 2gether wif a vry close friend in the preparation b4 n during the carnival. 1 day b4 the carnival, me n LayChooi were 2 of the busiest person,i think so... Going around the schl from class to class(collect information for parade), morning until 3pm. Walauweh...tat time ar...we really like 'siau po' leh...walking non-stop. The next day, another task to be done. We need to line up all the students according to classes, lead them to the field and arrange their position. Finally, the parade is over oredy and we r like...fuh...although very tired but really very satisfied wif wat we have done coz it's a successful 1.

MASCTECH 10th anniversary, I am in charge of making bookmark. Only hav 3/4 days time to get all the bookmarks done and sell them during the expo. It's like unbelievable tat wif the help from a few of my friends, we manage to make more than 150 bookmarks (handmade,using leaves & flowers). Really vry satisfied wif our work coz manage to sell almost all of them. I really 1 2 thank all my friends tat helped me to do the bookmarks in such a short time (LayChooi, MingSie, MingJu, ChinSiew, HuiYong, ChingLim, LiKin, WangKee, XiaoFen)...without u all,sure it won't be so 'laku'...

After all those activities, nothing to do liao...oni going to farewell party and eat...hehe... Then need to concentrate on studies liao lo...coz STPM coming but dono why i juz can't concentrate 100% in my study n as a result my trial exam 'sucks'...'s all bcoz of the attitude of don care n din do enough practice, so the result oso 'don care' de lo... Sitting for STPM oso wif nt enough in4mation+knowledge...wat 2's all too late oredy. So juz wait for the result n then oni decide wat's next.

So...LayChooi n MingSie,hope both of u won't forget our trademark ooh...(D.H.L.) Hahaha...not tat DHL Express meh... All othr friends...hope u all won't forget the sweet n bitter moments tat we shared 2gether,ok... Do keep in touch... Well...tis is the
last destination in school life n my long grandfather,grandmother story finish oredy.
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