Thursday, November 27, 2008

Miss U Cafe

Today went out with my mom buying something at the supermarket. After that, we went to this Miss U Cafe in Sitiawan for our lunch (it's kinda late liao...about 2:40p.m.)...

The food there not too bad. Hm...look like everything is not too bad for me...hahaha...
Well, I'm not good in judging food...hehe...
This place ok lar...the price not too expensive.

Just now we ordered lunch meal set and some side order.
My set consist of Grilled Black Pepper Chicken with rice+mushroom soup+ice cream.
My brother ordered the set of Mushroom Chicken with rice+mushroom soup+ice cream.
The side orders were garlic bread, onion ring, lime juice and ice blended tiramisu.

Guess what...all this cost us RM2x.xx, not too expensive right.
Can give it a try at this cafe...hehe...


Hm...don't know what to blog this few days, so I post up some of the photos which I took during the process of healing after the dog bite...hehe...

Luckily it's not serious and only left a bit scar on my fingers...haha... Next time I must be very alert and careful as all the dogs have different characteristic...hehe...








Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hand-Eye Coordination

This semester we have this so called Motor Learning subject. So one day, we were given a chance to have a try on one of the hand-eye coordination test stuff in the motor learning lab.

It is connected to a software on the computer so that we can analyze the data of the test result. This test on our reaction time, how fast we respond to the light. All that can be set up on the computer (same light pattern/random light pattern, duration of time between the lights, etc).

It's kinda fun experimenting on this test. I'll put in the video in this post but the light cannot be seen clearly from the video. So maybe some of you will interpret the video as some crazy people hitting a board without purpose...haha...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tidy Up!!!

Before I'm back at home, I have a messed up room in my hostel but then it's all settled when I was busy packing up all the stuff to bring home (prepare for exam and semester break).

Then when back at home, I messed up my room with all my stuff and it's really very irritating to have all the things all around. So I tidy up my room that day (22 November 2008, Saturday) and as such I missed the Ayer Tawarian eat, eat, eat program...haha...

It took the whole day for me to tidy up everything and I also set up the CD/VCD player stuff on my study table...hehe... Well, I like to listen to music while studying and also when I'm doing something. So I'll turn it into a high volume especially if it's a 'boom boom' music...haha...



Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fullpann Steak House Again...

That day (20 November 2008) actually wanted to go swimming at Lumut but when reach there it's raining. So the plan is cancelled and we went for a dinner instead (my mom, sister, brother and me). Have our dinner at Fullpann Steak House in Seri Manjung.

This time no more set meal because there's only set meal for lunch, so each of us ordered one meal of our choice.
For the drinks, there were hot lemon tea, ice blended mocha, ice blended mocha oreo and vanilla milkshake.
For the food, I ordered Japanese chicken chop, my sister-Surf and Turf, my brother-Golden Blue chicken chop and my mom-Salmon Sashimi.
The cost for this dinner cost more compared to the lunch set meal previously (around RM10x.xx)...

Anyway, the food there not too bad and worth it... (I guess so...hehe...)...
So here's the photos which I took that day...

"The setting for the dinner meal"

"The drinks..."

"Salmon Sashimi"

"Salmon Sashimi (top view)"

"Japanese chicken chop"

"Surf and Turf"

"Golden Blue chicken chop"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vision and Ball Catching

If I am not mistaken last time I did mentioned about my Motor Learning subject field work (done in September and it's one of our coursework).
So, it's all about our vision and catching the ball.

I'll post up here some of the photos and videos taken when we were conducting the test.
It looks easy but sometimes certain people might have some problem of doing it.

Maybe I put up some brief information of the test before putting up all those photos and videos stuff.

Purpose :
To demonstrate the role of vision in catching ball. Compare catching a tossed ball while vision of the hands and fingers is available and not available.

--> Three to five tennis balls
--> Opaque screen to shield the participant's vision of his or her hands

--> Each participant will attempt to catch 14 tosses in each of the two vision conditions.
--> The participant will kneel and face the throwing partner.
--> For non-available vision, he or she will place the chin on the screen.
--> Place the preferred arm and hand under the screen to catch the thrown balls.

--> Number of successful catches and type of error will be recorded.
--> Two types of error (Grasp Error and Position Error)
--> Grasp Error :
a) ball hits palm of hand
b) ball hits palm side of fingers
c) ball hits back side of fingers (hand closed too soon)
--> Position Error :
a) ball does not hit palm of hand
b) ball hits finger tips

It's Over

Hooray...!!! Finally it's all over already...
This semester final exam finish liao... happy because at last get to relax after all the assignments and the exams stuff were all done.
Anyway it's only the end for this semester (3rd semester)...
I still have 5 more semesters of study and left 4 more final exams to go through.

Well, will be repeating the cycle again in the coming semester and will be getting busier and busier. More major subjects coming and also will be involving in more programs as well.

This is life...we are always repeating the cycle sometimes and can even get bored.
Anyway just enjoy the life to the fullest...hehe...

I have my semester break till 4 January 2009, so will fully relax myself during this break.
Anyway, next week will be attending team building camp at Seri Dinar Training Retreat in Janda Baik, Bentong, Pahang (28-30 November 2008).
Then around 8 or 9 December like that will be spending time with relatives till 10 or 11 December.

So, after all those stuff I will totally relax myself and stay at home only I guess if there is no any program going on...hehe...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What Happen???

What the hack is happening to my Friendster...???
I don't understand...
The last few weeks I can't open my profile but can only view through my homepage (maybe because I'm using IE8...).

Never mind, that one I still can tolerate...
But today, when I open my Friendster my friends only left 16 nia...from a total of 398 friends that I have added and being added.

What is happening...I just can't figure out why...
Is is that my Friendster account is being hacked by someone or I have been removed from all those friends' list...
Or there is something wrong with my laptop's system...or my laptop is being attacked by virus...or...

But it's impossible that all those people wanna remove me from their list...
Aaarrgghhh...this is ridiculous...
Anyone of you experiencing the same problem??? Huhu...

Now I have to browse back and search back all my friends... many to search...
I guess I will do it after my final 2 papers on this Wednesday (19/11/2008)...

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Scary Dream...

That day Yu Chin Long post up about his weird dreams (not wet dreams yea)... Now I want to post up about my scary dream which just happened just now morning. So I quickly post up now before I forget everything about it.

Anyway, I can't really remember how it started.
What I know's all about a shooting scene (kinda thrilling and scary).

There's one guy with a gun, shooting around and I guess his target is me.
I get to avoid him for a few times...running around in and out of the different doors then also around a lot of cabinets and also around the tables...(happen in a building I guess)
But then after a few successful attempts of avoiding him, at last he got me and I have no where to hide or run anymore.
I was at the dead end, get caught under a table...(so scary at that moment, looking at the gun motionless).
Was hoping that he won't shoot me but that is just a hope...
In the end, he pointed the gun at me and let go a few shots on me (at my back)...

After the shot, I wake up liao...
Well, I guess that's the end of my life in the dream... scary and also kinda thrilling...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nasi Kerabu

Nasi kerabu...!!!
One of my favourite food when I'm studying in Tanjung Malim. There are these Kelantanese guys in UPSI selling this nasi kerabu. I really like to eat this and it tastes so good...

Their business really very 'laku'... Everytime sure there's a long queue. So many people want to buy this nasi kerabu. I think maybe some of you have not try this nasi kerabu or maybe not even know what is nasi kerabu.

It's a food from Kelantan. There are a few choices to choose from (ayam goreng or daging or ikan goreng for RM3.50 or pick any two of them for RM4.00). What I'm attracted most to nasi kerabu is the budu sauce, really very nice...

Ding Siew Loong, if you like to have a try on this nasi kerabu then next time when I'm back from Tanjung Malim, I'll 'tapao' for you or when you on the way to KL then stop by at Tanjung Malim and I'll treat you...hehe...

Anyway, if anyone of you who have not try this then should give it a try but there are some people that don't really like to eat nasi kerabu (I don't know why)...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yesterday(10 November 2008) after having my exam in evening, I dropped by at my parents friend's house for a visit before I drove back to Ayer Tawar. Well, I have 8 days gap before my final 2 papers on 19 November 2008. So will be so boring staying at the hostel and I'll sleep and sleep only, as such I better study at home in Ayer Tawar...hehe...

So this is what happened yesterday evening before I reached Ayer Tawar. Went to the house and chatted for a while with the auntie then came the dogs. Well, I like dogs so I was like wanted to be his friend so I put my hand over. In a flash of time, the dog already bite my hand and all that really happened so fast and I quickly took out my hand. that moment, I still acted so cool (like nothing happen)...haha... Still standing there chatting with the auntie and at the same time she scolded and also beat the dog. Pity the dog as well...hehe... Then she ask me, how was my hand and I said it's okay lar...just a bite.

A few minutes later, I felt like I'm going to be "blackout". So while waiting for the auntie to take acriflavine lotion for me, I quickly start my car and on the air-cond then sit down there quietly. After a while, everything is okay... The auntie also got shocked because suddenly I became so pale. Actually it's nothing lar...just the blood circulation problem.

After that, went to the clinic and have an injection. I can't remember what's the name, if not mistaken it's the anti tetanus. Well, I'm so used to injection so felt nothing lar...then also took back some medicine. After all this is done, I drove back to Ayer Tawar at about 6:05 p.m. and reached at about 8:10 p.m.

I think I'm kinda cool when that incident happened. I didn't even drop a tear and really acted so cool like nothing happened...haha... The dog is black in colour and kinda huge. I'm not sure what species is that (look like bulldog and also look like rottweiler). Lucky also that I know what to do when I felt like going to be "blackout", if not, sure I fainted there already.

By the way, this incident does teach me a lesson which is all the dogs don't have the same characteristic. So must be more alert and careful next time. A cool experience for me I guess...haha... Anyhow I still like dogs and will still be their friend...hehe...

"After the bite and putting on acriflavine lotion"

"Close up of the bitten fingers"

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Donut...!!! sad... Bought 2 donuts yesterday evening (7 November 2008) and planned to have it for breakfast today. Yesterday night only had a quarter of it before I went to sleep and today the donuts are not on the table liao...

What happened to the donuts...???
The naughty and hungry cat around the hostel came in the house and took it...huhu...
So I only have a drink for my breakfast sad and angry...

I think it's because yesterday night someone forgot to close the sliding door and as such the cat get the free donuts...huhu... I guess maybe next time I should put my food inside my room...haha...

Never mind semester I'll stay outside, not in the hostel no worries lar...hehe...

But still I'm sad because I really want to eat the donuts...!!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Birthday, Kevin!!!

Actually my youngest brother birthday is on 16 November 2008 but we celebrated it earlier according to the Chinese lunar calendar (3 November 2008) because he will be attending a camp during that week.

So went to buy the cake yesterday. There were a few choices of cake to choose and most of the cakes there we have tried before. When asked him, which cake he wants...??? He said don't know, so I choose it...haha... I said let's try the Hawaiaan Cheese cake since we never tried before.

He said okay lar... So we bought that cake. Actually this cake is also the same as Ding Siew Loong's birthday cake during the BBQ at his house. Not too bad lar...kinda nice (for me lar...) Anyway everything I just eat lar, as long as can fill my stomach...haha... So actually no use asking me nice or not...haha...

Fullpann Steak House

This place not bad to have a try (in Seri Manjung). Went there with my mom and youngest brother that day (31/10/2008) to have our lunch. My mom said I'm too thin should take something which I usually don't have when I'm outside there studying...huhu...

So we ordered lunch set, mine-chicken chop+mushroom soup+lime juice+pudding and my brother-fish & chip+mushroom soup+lime juice+pudding (a bit cheaper lor...)... Also some additional order (banana boat and garlic bread). Really very full having all those stuff and I think I was a bit overloaded that day...haha... Anyway the total cost, not more than RM50...

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Door Knob

Here's another skill that I'm quite good in...hehe... Changing the door knob... That day (31/10/2008) wanted to lock my room's door before I went out but don't know where is the key. It was missing in action kinda long time ago and as such my mom asked me to change the door knob to a new one since there are some extra door knob at home.

So I took one and changed. Now my room is with a new door knob...hehe... Below are the processes going on during that day when I changed it.

"The old door knob...kinda antique right..."

"This is the first step of doing it"

"It's easy, just take out all the screws..."

"These are all the components taken out"

"Before fixing the new door knob..."

"Yeah...almost done!!!"

"'s done..."
Well, it's kinda easy right...hehe... So can call me to help if anyone wanna change the door knob...hahaha... Of course only on this simple door knob lar...
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