Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Kayak Class

Hmm...1:00p.m. to 4:00p.m. class of Coaching Psychology today is being postponed to some other time, so I update my blog since I'm free...hehe... :-)

This semester I'm taking Kayak subject.
The class is suppose to be held
once a week for 3 hours but now we were divided into 2 groups and we have to do it two weeks once (6 hours per class session) because of equipments shortage.
This week Group B will start the session first and my group (Group A) will be starting it next week...

So during the
1st meet up(9/7/2009), there was no outing yet and we were given brief introduction, course outline and what we will do for the whole semester.
Then last week
(2nd week-16/7/2009), also no outing yet but we have a checking on the equipments and tagging for each person of the equipments to be used...

Nothing much because no outing yet, so hopefully get to capture lots of photos during the lesson on Kayaking of this semester...so
wait for the updates regarding the Kayak class...!!!

During the process of selecting the equipments and tagging for each and everyone...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Woodball Course

Attended the Woodball Course organised by UPSI's Sports Centre today, 18 July 2009 from 8:00am until 4:00pm.
It was only an Introduction of what is woodball, some brief history of it, the course design and a very brief rules of woodball.

So in the morning session, it was a theory session only.
After the lunch break, we have some practical session at the field and it was a fun experience for us.

I think woodball is much more easier to learn compare to golf where the techniques in golf are more technical and require a lot of skills in getting the "feel" on it.
Where else in woodball, we just need some practices and will get used to it soon after that.

There are
12 woodball courses in Malaysia with most of the courses were situated in Pahang.
And the
universities in Malaysia that are currently having this woodball sports are UKM, UiTM and UNIMAP.
On top of that, the cost of owning the equipments of woodball is much more cheaper compare to golf...

For those who are interested to know more on what is woodball, please follow
this link to have some brief information regarding woodball in Malaysia. Have fun... :-)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Trip in Genting Highlands

Was back from the camp in KL on 21 June 2009, reached Ayer Tawar around 6:30pm.
Put all the clothes to be washed into the washing machine then pack my bag again.
Just a few hours for me --> having dinner, checking my email, facebook, etc...then some rest.

The next morning (22 June 2009), 5:00am departed from home to fetch my mom's friend in Sitiawan then continued our journey to Genting Highlands.
Actually it was my mom's friend who was having a seminar there and there was an extra free room for us.
Since have not been to there, so went there with my mom and sister.

Reached there about 9:30am and could not check in yet into the hotel so just loitering around the First World Plaza.
After lunch then only my sister and me get into the outdoor theme park (around 2:00pm if not mistaken)...

Can't make it in time to take the Flying Coaster, only managed to take all the thrill rides except for Grand Prix Fun Kart, Sungai Rejang Flume Ride and Bumper Boat.

Some shots around the outdoor theme park...

Pirate Ship


Space Shot (the best ride amongst all)

Super Toboggan (not my photo coz when I self-snapping it was too near and got my face only so just got a shot for my sis...)

Corkscrew (best of the best also)

Cyclone (1st roller coaster in Malaysia)

No shots taken for Rolling Thunder Mine Train and Flying Dragon.
Well, actually time was not enough because mostly was spent on
queuing up...

Some shots in First World Plaza...

It was fun and enjoying the day there although only for 1 day...
Next time wanna go there again and the first ride to be hopped onto is the

YTAR June 2009 Camp

Was attending a camp from 20 to 21 June 2009 in Kuala Lumpur.
An event organized by
Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation for its scholars.

The main objective for this camp was knowing our
Father of Independence, Tunku Abdul Rahman...
As such, we registered ourselves at Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman by 9:30am and was given some briefing by the CEO before we start our tour there.

Some photos taken in Memorial Tunku Abdul Rahman (special case for us to take photos)

Then there was a talk given for the evening session of the day, which was about leadership and really got a very valuable input from the speaker.
Know myself better and also get to know where is my weaknesses which need improvement.

By around 5:30pm, we departed from the memorial to check into our hotel.
Guess what...???
We stayed in a
historical building in KL ---> Heritage Station Hotel
Although it was an old building but the facilities there not too bad.
air-cond was cold enough, there was water heater and even bath tub...!!!

A few shots around the hotel...

The antique lift...

At night after our dinner, we have performance which were the assignments that were being assigned to each group earlier before the camp.
Was really having fun and enjoying the night there especially episodes being performed which caused all of us to burst into laughter...
A few groups could not make it that night, so were bring forward to the next morning (including my group).

Me in action during our group performance...

Then there was a meeting for discussion on our Tunku Scholars group and by noon we checked out from our room, had our lunch and lastly all of us went back home to our own destination...

Some shots before went back home...

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