Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Road Not Taken: An Unexpected Cycling Trip

Wow...again I left my blog for quite some time without any on going current updates.
Time to get back on track of putting up my journey diary (gotta back track to events taken place in September and October though).

Date : 16 September 2012 (Hari Malaysia)
Location : University of Sydney (Cumberland Campus) --> Sydney Market (Flemington) --> Homebush Uniting Church --> Cooks River cycling pathway (stopped at Ewen Park) --> University of Sydney (Cumberland Campus)

The actual planning for that day was to drop by at Sydney Market in Flemington and buy some stuff.
Then head off to locate Homebush Uniting Church (managed to find it, between Burlington Rd and Meredith St in Homebush).
After having a talk with one of the church staff and the pastor, I was suppose to head back to my residence.
But because of the wrong road taken and was cycling around there for about 15 minutes I guess, at last I stopped at a rest area of a park when I checked on Google Maps for navigation and from there I will be able to find way back to my place supposely.

Haha...guess what...
Due to my curiosity seeing people riding their bike in and out of the pathway of that park, I decided to explore more without knowing where it will leads me to.
Crazy...??? --> As a solo single girl riding on her own in a state of "zero" idea about the place itself...
I still remember, at that time I only ride based on my instinct of direction and sometimes look up onto the Google Maps for confirmation and assurance.

Well, back to my journey on exploring the cycling pathway (it's a shared pathway with the pedestrians as well).
I kept cycling along the pathway until when I came across a signboard about the route which is the Cooks River cycling pathway that can leads me to the city area (can even reach the airport...!!!)
Again...still being curious and have no idea how long is the route, I continued on cycling.
Passing through a few places like Croydon Park, Campsie and Canterburry which I am able to recall.

I stopped at one of the check points (Ewen Park) and looked onto the signboard.
Thinking...hmm...there is still a distance to ride through till the end of the trail.
At last, I decided to head back being afraid that I will be trapped in the dark when the sun sets and yeah I managed to reach on time for my dinner.

On that night, I browsed through the internet and found out there's only about 6-7km more for me to reach the end point of the route.
Then I also found out that I have cycled on my own out of nowhere for a total of 35km --> it's no big deal if compare to 100km but it's kinda tiring for a new rider like me...
Great experience for me though...

Scenes captured along the ride...
Canterburry Oval...
My terminating point @ Ewen Park...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

BOS 2012 = Biennale of Sydney 2012

The 18th Biennale of Sydney (2012) has been held from 27 June 2012 until 16 September 2012.
The event is being held every two years, presenting a three-month exhibition, plus a program of artist talks, performances, forums, film screenings, family events, guided tours and other special events, all FREE to the public.
The locations of the art exhibition are located at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, continues onto the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Pier 2/3 and then at Cockatoo Island.

I took the opportunity to visit BOS on the 14th of September 2012 together with a friend but we only visited Cockatoo Island which we boarded a ferry from Circular Quay (free ferry service by Captain Cook Cruise for the BOS event).
Before we went for the event, I managed to visit University of Sdyney's main campus (Camperdown Campus) in the city.

Photos captured around the main campus...
--> Anderson Stuart Building
--> Lego Colloseum at Nicholson Museum
--> Back view of The Quadrangle
--> View from inside The Quadrangle
--> Main view of The Quadrangle (look like the building in Harry Potter's movie ehhh...)
Some selected photos at BOS being published on this blog and for more photos please visit

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