Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My School Life (Part III)

So tis time will b bout my journey in form 4 & 5. In form4 nt vry active in KRS oredy but then still being a vry bzy person in schl,oso dono wat i'm so bzy wif. Usually in form4 they said it's a honeymoon year but nt 4 me. I was nt bzy wif my study bt bzy wif many outdoor activities until i don really care bout my academic. I was so bzy until there's 1 teacher tat even called me VVIP...hahaha... For year 2003(form4) i 1 2 highlight bout d celebration of MERDEKA in schl. I remembered tat year we r vry5 patriotic coz there's a class decoration competition in conjunction wif Independence Day,then my class (4Biru) n another competitor (4Putih) r the 2 classes tat really mean to win (even quarrel among each othr-eg.copycat ideas)...hahaha...(quite childish) But never mind tis is wat we called a healthy competition...then at the end of the day when teacher announced which clss is d winner........(hooray....our class is the winner after all d hard work tat we put in 2gether)

Then in form 5,I have 2 restrict my involvement in outdoor activities oredy juz bcoz of a minor incident at the end of the year 2003 which leave me wif a long term injury until now. On the 24th November 2003 I went 4 a badminton training in Ipoh wif sum frends n coach. We r too excited 2 b there n we din do a proper warm up b4 hav match wif the Ipoh players. As a result when was doing a jumping smash...landed...then the nxt moment...I can't stand up n walk coz my right leg is injured(injury in tendon...till now d injury is still there...haiz...) :(

Form 5 nothing much...handle club,societies n schl activities... Year 2004 was 1 of the most memorable year 4 me i guess. Vry 'kamcheng' wif the schl teachers and we can sit down n talk juz like frends. Then wif the students oso vry good relationship...tat time i know all the form5 students coz as a prefect tat time we muz knw hw 2 tackle pblms wif correct action n they will respect us n giv co-operation. Really happy wif the prefects of my batch...(thank you ppl)

Hav 2 sit 4 SPM exam...not really prepared 100% coz i really wasted a lot of my time especially in form4 so tat time i juz sit 4 d exam wif wat i know...then leave SMK Methodist Ayer Tawar (MESAT) liao...miss the schl oso lo although tat schl nt fully equipped wif facilities. Enjoy the moments having activities in schl...jokes wif frends n chat wif teachers... Well...i guess tat's all in secondary schl. Nxt destination is a new place 4 me(SMK Methodist ACS Sitiawan)...so will continue wif my schl life story in Part IV.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My School Life (Part II)

Well...let's continue wif my story in secondary school(SMK Methodist Ayer Tawar). Mm...my life in lower secondary is mainly bout my involvement in Kadet Remaja Sekolah. Tat time i'm really vry crazy in KRS...i can do anything juz for KRS. Entering form 1 n we need to register ourselves in uniformed bodies, sports/club n societies. So there's a pblm at 1st for me 2 choose which 1 2 enter in d uniformed bodies n i chose PBSM but then later they said there's a new uniformed bodies(tat's KRS) n so i change my choice to KRS.

Tat year i went 4 d school camping organised by KRS which i think is the 1st time in schl. We really enjoyed ourselves vry much in tat camp although vry5 tiring n torturing. Being tortured under the hot sun n doing diffilcult stuff... But the memory which i won't forget is the 'Operasi Burung Hantu' where all of us need 2 get into the rubber tree estate without torchlight n oni depends on the rope tied from tree to tree,summore the trainer oso impersonate as ghost 2 scare us. Waiseh...we all gathered there sharp 12 midnite n we need 2 sit on the road there b4 entering...summore on our left n right are the graves. So scary man...coz when we go in,need 2 bring along joss stick as well. Really crazy lar...they all...make fun of us...coz sum of us r really scared until scream vry loudly n even cry. Tat's d story in form1 camping xperience.

Then in form2 i guess tat's our most victorious year in KRS n oso schl. Bcoz there r no othr schl in Manjung tat hav girls platoon 2 go for the marching competition,then we represented Manjung district. In state level there r oni 2 girls platoon competing n our platoon r chosen 2 represent Perak state for the national level competition in Penang. There i hav pblm wif my parents...when was bout 2 go 4 d competition liao...we need 2 get parents signature for approving us 2 go n the pblm occured is my parents don allow me 2 go at d vry last min(on the day b4 departure)...all of tat is juz bcoz of d sentence in d form which stated 'Sehubungan dengan perkara di atas, dengan ini saya mengakui tidak akan menuntut sebarang tindakan terhadap pihak sekolah sekiranya berlaku kemalangan menimpa kepada anak saya'... Then d nxt day,my parents go 2 schl n hav a quarrel wif d principal n said won't allow me 2 go...so teruk man...then went bck home i hav a quarrel oso(so sad)...i kept staying in my room hoping my parents will change their mind. 1 hour b4 time of departure suddenly they called me n even prepare lunch 4 me...ask me quickly eat n pack my bag. Oh god...was so happy n my tears roll down. Reach schl a bit late...luckily they haven't left me...n every1 was so happy 2 c me joining them as they r worried who'll lead them if i was nt going. Tat's a sad n happy memory i guess...To those friends tat work 2gether n co-operate wif me during those years....thank you n sorry if i've done sumthing wrong.

In form3,my most terrible year wif lots of pblm. Parents don allow me 2 join KRS marching competition but i was so stubborn tat i persuaded them n promise them,tat will b my last year going. So they allowed me to but nt so happy wif my decision coz hav 2 sit 4 PMR exam tat year. After tat,dono wat im so bzy wif in schl,evryday walk in n out of my clssroom 2gether wif a frend until there's 1 teacher tat called us 'peronda sekolah'...a few teachers start getting worried bout me as PMR is nearing. But then finally wif my last 1 month hard work...i got a gd result in my PMR exam at d end of the year. My parents din scold me n teachers oso was surprise+happy wif my results.

Woh...wat a long grandmother story here...ok lar...tat's all bout lower secondary school life. So will still continue wif story bout my school life in part three...chao...

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My School Life (Part I)

My primary school life...err...actually can't remember much bout tat. Wat ever it is...of coz there's sumthing i would like 2 write in here so tat i won't forget those memories we've gone thru. So to my friends from SK Methodist Ayer Tawar,hope u all still can remember all the memories tat we shared 2gether.

Standard 1 n 2 can't remember any memories la...mayb bcoz don really hav a very close frend yet gua...then standard 3...let's see...mm...oh yeah i can remember 1 thing. I still remember tat time a few of us tat sit in d same table like to compete with each other during mathematics lesson (if i'm not mistaken...me,Ming Sie,Jenan n a few more i can't really remember la...so don angry to those of u whose name is not in). When ever the teacher said u can start doing ur homework...then we'll count 1...2...3... We start calculating the practices given. When some1 1 2 stop 2 erase their mistakes then we'll shout 'chop'...then every1 will stop. Then when shout 'achee'...every1 will continue wif their work again...hahaha...how sweet we r tat time...

Standard 4,5 n 6...wat i remember are the games we played 2gether. Standard 4 we like 2 play batu seremban,lompat getah n the bottle caps. Then standard 5 even crazier...we played galah panjang n konda-kondi. Tat's normal games...but we r vry 'siao' de...every morning reach school,put down the bag then go out of classroom n play until bell ring...if teacher haven't enter,we'll play until d teacher come. Recess time even worse...we'll quickly run 2 the canteen,buy nasi lemak n put into plastic bag,then run back 2 continue wif our games...(eat n play at 1 time...so 'keng'...). But from here i see tat we r truly Malaysian coz all the 3 races can join 2gether n play the traditional games.

Then Standard 6...tat time popular wif the Digimon cyberpet games. There r many of us own tat n bring 2 school 2 fight wif each other Digimon 2 raise up the level...hehe... Then it's time 4 our UPSR exam...every1 is very hardworking doing lots of exercises. After UPSR...the school organise lots of activities 4 us n i still can remember tat my class(6Biru) won the first place in hockey competition which i won't forget coz we r girls but play like boys(so 'ganas'). The day my school hav Speech Day...our UPSR result is out n we wait 4 our headmistress 2 bring back the results. Finally...she arrived n we still hav 2 wait 4 the teacher 2 highlight out the names wif straight A's. Then those wif 5A's n 4A's attend the Speech Day in afternoon n receive their rewards.

Well...tat's the story of my primary school life. So hope you guys still can remember all this. Ok...then will b going into secondary school liao...so my story will be continued in My School Life (Part II)... Check it out wif more memories which we shared 2gether... :)
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