Thursday, January 2, 2014

Cycling Adventure at Royal National Park

Date: 5 October 2013
Location: Lady Carrington Drive trail at Royal National Park

Another free and easy ride of the day (not the whole ride though).
Love this ride as I get to experience a 10km off-road trail at Royal National Park (one of the trails for cycling and a not too difficult trail for an amateur off-road rider like me).

Departed from home with bike on-train and got off at Loftus station.
From the station, went across the Princes Highway and rode along the highway for about 1km and turned into Farnell Avenue to get to Lady Carrington Drive trail (passing through Audley Road and Sir Bertram Stevens Drive before made a slight turn onto the trail).

Nice on-road ride all the way from Farnell Avenue (about 3km) with some winding road going down hill before reaching the trail start point.
Stopped at one of the parks there and took some photos around before continued on with the off-road ride.

Shots taken along the way getting to Lady Carrington Drive cycling trail...

The journey on Lady Carrington Drive off-road cycling trail...

The most tiring part that really took my breath off throughout the ride was after the off-road ride where I was on the way riding up to Waterfall station through McKell Avenue.
It was an uphill winding road ride all the way for about 4.7km before I manage to reach the train station.
Damn exhausting but it was a great experience although I have to stop for quite a number of times all along the way.

One of the stops for me to catch a breath and some shots taken of the National Falls of Royal National Park from top view...

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